Saturday, April 13, 2019

Why job is so important ? Specially Govt. Job !

Q. Job or sirf job wo b govt why it's important in life.

First comment
The words (including Grammar) used in above question are as it was asked.

Second Comment
Any job aspirant who is using this kind of language and wording are weakening their own vocabulary, grammar of the language and hence causing himself to score low in the competitive examination. You may think that he or she won't repeat such mistakes in examinations; but fact is such frequent use of language becomes natural and reflexive language, which means that at any quick response instant he or she will make use of such language.

Looking into the question, there are three major words to focus on; and the words are job., Govt. Job (exact word not used) and importance of either kinds of job. Lets break question into two parts
  1. Why jobs are important?
  2. Why govt. jobs are given higher priority over any other jobs?
To survive in such places one has to earn money. The amount of bucks(money) which has earned by the individual determines whether the family will have  just a survival or will have a luxurious life. Basically its a chase to show your capability to opt between Needs and Wants.

You might be thinking that for survival why I have focused only on jobs; why not on business. So, the simple reason is
  • Question is about Job.
  • When it comes to survival job has top priority. Because of the following facts about business
    • Business needs capital to invest
    • Business has both the possibilities either profit or loss; loss can be a threat to survival
  • Pros of job will be discussed later in this blog
Now coming back to question and also the advantages of any job may be
  • Fixed salary on time i.e. over a fixed interval of days.
  • Salary is net earning; while in business net earning may different from gross sales or turnover subject to calculation and also the size of earning may vary.
  • Concern about the job is limited to the job role assigned by the institution.
  • Duration of working hours is fixed, which helps to separate personal and professional life.
If you have observed the importance of jobs, then compare the following facts about a govt. job and non govt. job be continued

If confused between job and business read a scenario here it may help you.

Thursday, April 11, 2019

What should I do... a job or a business ?

Greetings to dear readers.

One of my friend asked a very interesting question, which can strike anyone's mind. He asked me what will be my choice between a job and my own business.

My situation in present (the moment I am writing), I am an in-employed person and only son to take care of my family; after my father (he passed away a few days ago). I have just completed my bachelor degree (B. Tech. in Electrical Engineering). And I was  looking for job in Delhi (in January 2019). My first priority is to earn money by any means. So that the financial condition remains under control.

As per tradition I have applied for Govt. job (RRB NTPC 2019). It will take a long time (8 - 12 months) to start earning from it i.e. to crack exams., document verification, medical fitness, interview, selection and posting. After all these process, I will get my first salary.

Earning from private job may seem little bit quicker than that of a Govt. job. Because finding a job in private sector is completely based on qualification and skill set that recruiting institution seeks. Since, private companies are skill focused and screening has to be done among the job seekers only, the selection process becomes quicker than the govt. job screening process. But, a major challenge in this sector is the Vacancy (job opening.)

Even starting a new business, itself is a challenge. And the major issue is Capital to be invested, and the time taken to become popular enough to make standard sales per day.

Now, what should I do to earn as soon as possible ?

Keeping above scenario in mind, my mind says that I should do some sort of business that would be entirely based on my skill set and resources that I already have in other words self-employment. Why this option! consider the following facts
  1. Since I am the boss of myself I do not require any vacancy what I need is job to do.
  2. Since I have to accomplish the task given on the basis of skill set and resources I already cuts the cost.
  3. The more successful task is done the more will be job for me.
  4. More number of job means more earning.
If you have noticed, I told about cutting cost, more job opportunities and more earning. What I actually meant 
  • Cost cutting or saving  means financial investment making decisions
  • More job opportunities means creating your requirement. Keep in mind that "winners don't do different things, they do things differently."
By the passage of time enhance your skill set also. Skill set can help you to get hired or to grow your self from "self-employed" to a "business person i.e. an entrepreneur."

I have given you some facts based on my situation to decide that by which method I earn money. Now, its your comprehension to decide your right path to earn money.